Norsonic offers a broad range of microphone solutions for permanent and semi-permanent installations.

The Nor1210 outdoor microphone is a sophisticated, durable and well proven outdoor microphone for permanent installations. Several hundred units are installed worldwide on airports, at industrial sites and other places requiring permanent noise monitoring. Just a few minor design upgrades has been made to the Nor1210 since the first unit was installed in 1994. This shows that the Nor1210 is a durable a well-designed outdoor microphone–why change a winning team!

The outdoor microphones Nor1216, Nor1217 and Nor1218 are the new generation of outdoor microphones.

The Nor1216 is a measurement microphone for all-weather conditions designed for use with the Nor140/Nor150. It features SysCheck verification and a heated preamplifier. It is intended for permanent outdoor applications.

A semi-permanent version of the Nor1216 is the Nor1217 which features the same weather protection and SysCheck, but is designed for use with the standard preamplifier and microphone supplied with the Sound Analyser Nor140 and Nor150, making the Nor1217 in combination with the Nor140/Nor150 a very cost-effective solution.
The Nor1218 is an IEPE outdoor microphone for semi-permanent installations. Directly powered and supported by Nor131 or Nor139. Use the microphone and preamplifier supplied with Nor131 or Nor139, therefore a cost-effective solution.