The purpose of a windscreen is to reduce the noise created by the turbulence around the microphone in a wind field. A secondary effect of the windscreen is that it protects the microphone and preamplifier from dust, bumps and shocks. A windscreen will inevitably change the frequency response of the microphone slightly at higher frequencies. This change in frequency response is normally negligible, but it should be considered for measurements requiring a high degree of accuracy.


As can be seen from these graphs, the effect of a windscreen as such on the microphone frequency response will, for most practical cases be negligible magnitude

Norsonic outdoor and environmental microphones Nor1210A&C and Nor1211A&C are compensated for the effect of the windscreen and should therefore always be used with the windscreen mounted.

Norsonic has developed a range of windscreens in different sizes and shapes dependent on the application they are intended for. All windscreens are made from open cell polyurethane foam.