Complex In-situ Noise Measurements Made Easy!

Certain noises in our modern life can have detrimental effects on our hearing. To avoid such side effects, we must reduce unwanted noise. However, noise levels vary depending on listening conditions and diffusion. Measurements and simulations help identify the root cause of the noise source. Nonetheless, noise testing is primarily conducted under laboratory conditions, which are unrealistic and can be restrictive, costly, and time-consuming.

In-situ on-site measurements allow for exposure to real-life situations.

The SonoCat is a multi-functional spherical microphone array consisting of eight digital MEMS microphones housed in a rigid sphere. These microphones are used to collect all the necessary acoustic data for calculating the sound pressure level, the 3D sound intensity vector, and the sound absorption coefficient. The SonoCat is calibrated to a high standard and can be utilized for both point and scan measurements. For instance, a point measurement can determine the sound pressure or the 3D intensity vector to locate the source of a sound emission. A scan measurement can provide information on the sound power of a machine or the average sound absorption of a surface.

The SonoCat is connected to a PC or tablet using the SonoCat software, allowing for monitoring, acquisition, and analysis of the recorded sound field.