The Nor1329 is a microphone mast for permanent installation of noise monitoring systems based on Nor1501 double walled enclosure and Nor1210 All-Weather Microphone or Nor1212 microphone protection kit.


It may be tilted to provide easy calibration and service of the microphone unit and the weather station (if applicable). The microphone cable and the cable for the optional weather station are both mounted inside the mast to minimise wind-induced noise and to protect the cables from sun and heavy weather conditions. The mains cable may also be mounted inside the mast. A lid in the base unit of the mast ensures easy access to mains cable and the connection of it.

The microphone is electrically insulated from the mast in order to minimise electrical induced noise.


The mast is made of steel and is coated in a seven-step process in which zinc phosphate and powder are melted onto the hot-dip galvanised steel at a carefully controlled temperature. This ensures a top finish and durability against corrosion even in rough environments. The mast has been widely used for years in permanent noise monitoring systems installed all over the world, showing no effects of aging and corrosion.

Special lengths available

The mast can be delivered in any length up to 9 metres. Standard length is 5.5 metres.

Foundations and brackets

The mast should be mounted onto a concrete foundation or on a special steel foundation.

The steel foundation Nor1329/02 is fast and easy to mount and is a well-proven technology widely used on lightning columns.

A special anchor frame Nor1329/03 should be used if a concrete foundation is used. The anchoring frame is simply pushed into the wet concrete. This enables a fast and accurate mounting of the microphone mast onto a concrete foundation.

A special bracket, Nor1329/01 may be attached to the mast to allow mounting of a weather station.