The Nor135 SoundBox is a front end featuring the same hardware and analysing software as in the Nor131 sound level meter.

It is mainly designed to be used as a frontend for the NorConcertControl software. This program is designed for reporting the sound level in discotheques, concerts and at outdoor events.

The NorConcertControl system confirms to the relevant parts of the EU regulative 2003/10/EC – Noise at work, DIN 15905-5 and the Swiss SLV 2007.

The SoundBox may also be used as a general frontend controlled via the USB port.

The unit has a built in IEPE power for microphone and preamplifier assembly. Both type 1 and type 2 pre-polarised microphones can be used.



Nor1522 is a complete measurement system for monitoring and reporting the noise level in discotheques, concerts and outdoor events.

It is simple to use, just switch on the mains, calibrate, and the system is automatically measuring and reporting the needed noise parameters. The system is based on the Nor135, the NorConcert control program, a tiny PC and a bright colour screen.

All hosted in a rugged case for easy storing and transport.

No hassle with cables and loose items.